Nigeria Tourism Statistics – How Is The Industry Performing?

Nigeria Tourism Statistics

The tourism industry in every country is one of the most affected sectors by the ravaging covid pandemic since 2019. But the big question is, can the industry recover? This article takes a closer look at the Nigeria tourism statistics since the onset of the pandemic.

Since 2019, the contribution of tourism to the development of countries has been largely impacted to especially as most countries took steps to close their borders to all forms of traffic except cargo.

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Nigeria Tourism Statistics Breakdown and Comparison

There has been a large trend fall when it comes to how many people visited Nigeria since the breakout of the pandemic and this is quite alarming. Can we say this is all because of the pandemic of people who have lost interest in the tourism potential of the country?

In the year 2019, the tourism industry in Nigeria recorded a total of N1,471,000,000.00. An amount that represents a 25.59% decline from the figures achieved in the comparing year 2018. Actually, the trends have been this way from 2017 forward.

Tough the decreasing percentage is more since coronavirus, we must say the previous figures are not encouraging either. Nigeria tourism statistics for 2018 was N1,977,000,000.00, which also throws out a 24.4% decline from that of the stats from 2017.

Before 2018, the country across Africa and the world is known for great potentials in the art and entertainment space has been booming with returns on the visits of tourists. Nigeria tourism statistics for 2017 was N2,615,000,000.00. This figure, a promising one at that represents a 140.35% increase from what was recorded in the preceding year 2016.

We will just have to wait for the full vaccination against the disease across the world for us all to have what we love back into our lives and to have tourism bounce back as well.

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