Winners of the 2021 edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz, Prempeh College, a Kumasi-based school has called on the President of the country, in a bid to thank him and to present their trophy to him.

The 2021 National Science And Maths Quiz which ended months ago saw Keta Senior High Technical School coming in 3rd position, Legon Presec coming in 2nd, and Prempeh College being the ultimate winners of the competition.

Just like has been the culture of the competition annually, the winners, Prempeh College has scheduled a meeting with the president as the leader of the country to thank him for holding the country down for them to come far in peace.

In a flyer designed uniquely to announce the meet, shared with the public the desire to meet with the president of the state and we will bring you updates from that meeting. Keep watching this space.

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