Ghana has quite a handful of pretty and well-endowed women in both the media and political spaces and one of such people happens to be our focus today. Here we take a look at Nana Aba Anamoah Senior High School education as well as the experience she has always shared to motivate others who might have been in similar waters.

Nana Aba Anamoah Senior High School

Nana Aba is a proud product of the Ghana National College. In a radio discussion, she disclosed that she did not get pregnant in SHS. However, she revealed that, immediately after senior high education, she became pregnant and did not get rid of it but rather became determined to give birth and move on.

In spilling out some details of the circumstances leading to becoming a mother she explained that though it’s not a time to behold, she had no choice.

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According to Nana, she unexpectedly got pregnant immediately after senior high school which was back in the day called the secondary school and it hit her like a missile.

Before she turned 20, Nana Aba had become a mother and had no choice but to work to cater for herself and her baby boy. She added that though the pregnancy and motherhood were challenging for her, she took solace in her son who became her source of strength.

“I had my son before I turned 20. It was an eye-opener and shocking but there was a bit of fun as well just seeing my son smile made me happy.

The award-winning media personality’s son who is all grown up is currently pursuing his education in the United States of America.

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