We brought you a series of stories surrounding a controversy that broke off on social media about media personality, Mz Gee leaking a phone conversation between herself and actor Psalm Adjeteyfio who called her to ask for some food leftovers.

Apparently, Mz Gee also denied having been the one who leaked the audio recording she had with the actor into the public space and she swore to that extent as well.

Well, there is a twist in events as details of the controversy have been well laid out by the victim, Psalm Adjeteyfio who is popular as T.T in a phone-in conversation.

According to T.T, there wasn’t a phone call between himself and Mz Gee. He explained that he rather sent a WhatsApp voice note to her but did not hear any feedback to that extend.

He later received a call from Mz Gee explaining that she was in Nigeria at the time of receiving the voice recording on WhatsApp and in trying to help, she sent the recording to someone who she asked to help him.

Here is what he said:

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