MTN turbonet has come to supplement the excessive internet use by most businesses and companies in Ghana to the extent that people hoard it for a price increase in the future.

In the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, schools and offices have changed their way of running affairs. For schools, there is the need to resort to online teaching and learning in order to reduce the population and crowd on various campuses.

The MTN Turbonet has come to provide solutions to data issues arising from these changes. MTN TurboNet is a plug-and-play super high-speed 4G Internet router. It comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver amazing internet service.

MTN Turbonet

This amazing device is offered by MTN, one of Africa’s giant telecommunication service providers and trends are helping you understand it better.

Many companies rescheduled their activities to meet the demands of society. Aside from essential service workers, other staffs of some companies have to begin to work from home.

The mere look at all these is even scarier because there is the need to revisit data costs involved in the change in running the business.

The package contains; 1 router, a charger, a broadband sim card, an antenna, and a user manual to support you. It can be connected simultaneously by 32 users and the good news is that the new models come with a battery unlike the first.

Be quick, make a move, buy one of these 4G powerful routers and be on your journey to internet freedom.

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