The Member of Parliament for North Tongu Constituency, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has fired back at Kennedy Agyapong over some comments he made regarding the honorable North Tongu MP.

In responding to the malicious attempt to peddle falsehood against him, Okudzeto Ablakwa disclosed that at the time of running for office as the President for the National Union of Ghana Students, he has never received any form of financial support from Kennedy Agyapong or the house of Parliament.

He wrote:

My attention has been drawn to an archaic, preposterous, and ad hominem tactic of Kennedy Agyapong seeking to malign the messenger as he cannot deal with the message.

Kennedy Agyapong knows, if he has any modicum of conscience, that he shamelessly peddled blatant falsehood because I have never received a farthing or pesewa from him neither did I ever go to the House of

Parliament to solicit any form of assistance when I run for and won the Presidency of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) in 2005.

These devious concoctions and vicious attacks on my person would not deter me from carrying out my constitutional mandate of oversight as a Member of Parliament duly elected by the beloved people of North Tongu.

I would only stop criticizing President Akufo-Addo’s unconscionable profligacy if he stops the US$14,000 an hour wasteful charters when Ghana’s Presidential Jet remains in pristine condition. After all, didn’t the president pledged to protect the public purse?

In any case, even though Kennedy Agyapong’s claims are outright fabrications, what kind of adult supports vulnerable students and uses that against them later in life? Like many Ghanaians, I do extend charity to the vulnerable including students and I cannot imagine that I would ever use that against them.

As adults, let’s offer a better example to the youth of our country.

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