The West African country is one of the most peaceful nations across the world and has for that reason served as a home for many internationals over the years and boasts of one most widely used food in Ghana.

The country can boast of many tourist attractions of which many are a result of colonial rule by the British, the Dutch, and the Portuguese who were their colonial masters and the largest dealers in the slave trade in the then Gold Coast which Ghana was formerly called.

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For her great display of culture from the diverse ethnic groups spanning from the Western part through to the Southern, Northern, and Eastern parts, the country can boast of great food delicacies and cuisines and a great offer of hospitality to visitors.

One of the foods which stand out and is widely eaten by people across the entire length and breadth of the country is Fufu, which is also called Fufuo by the home ethnic groups.

Most Widely Eaten Food In Ghana

As a tourist in Ghana, try out food from every cultural setup before making that return journey on the planned date. You might not be able to taste all there is but make sure you don’t leave out Fufu from those you plan to eat.

Fufu has always been difficult to prepare in the past until in recent times the introduction of the grinding machine which quickly took away the hustle of doing the manual pounding especially for a large group of people.

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Although there is a grinding machine to serve the purpose, people who cannot let go of their cultural heritage, especially the Ashantis whose food it is continue to use the old method of pounding using a mortar and a pestle, where one person pounds and the other turns the cassava in the mortar or one person single-handedly does the two.

Sample of Fufu Dish

Preparing Fufu

Fufu is a starchy side dish made with boiled cassava or boiled yam with or without plantain. It is also very popular and regularly eaten throughout West and Central Africa.

The dish is widely enjoyed with groundnut with kontomire soup, palm nut with kontomire soup, light soup, and other locally made soups with assorted meat and or fish.

Though some individuals do not like it, Fufu is enjoyed by virtually all ethnic groups in the country, and everyone who does confirms with satisfaction how delicious it is. Members of the Ewe, Dagomba, Konkomba, Akyem, Nanumba, Ahanta, Akwamu, Gonja, Mamprusi, and the other many ethnics groups in Ghana eat fufu, hence it is the most widely enjoyed food in Ghana.

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