The Ministry of Education (MoE) has met with Non-Governmental Organizations to discuss issues surrounding Ghana Education Strategic Plan (ESP) which is a 12-year plan expected to run from 2018 to 2030.

The meeting which was chaired by the Minister for Education Dr. Yaw Osei Education was attended by representatives of a number of NGOs in the country who are focused on making the educational system in Ghana work by supporting the ministry responsible and its agencies.

Sharing the scope of the meeting on social media, the honorable minister said he was surprised by the plans laid down by the NGOs to support his ministry in delivering quality education in Ghana.

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The NGOs are key stakeholders in the country’s educational system so it is just prudent to engage them from time to time to dialogue on how best to deliver in the field.

He wrote:

“On 21st January 2022, I had a stakeholder engagement with NGOs working in the education sector.
Our discussions centered around Ghana’s Education Strategic Plan (ESP 2018-2030), and the role of NGOs in collaborating with the Ministry to achieve it.

I further shared my vision for repositioning and reimagining Ghana’s education system for national transformation.

I was excited to learn about the impressive work NGOs are doing to support the Ministry of Education in advancing quality education delivery in the country. It’s always a pleasure to engage stakeholders in the education sector.”

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