In an interesting finding, a basic school known as Merton International School Ghana is charging a whopping GHC27,000 as fees for the academic year. Believe it or not, such a school exists in Ghana. But does this school operate under the ??

The school is located opposite Accra High School on Kanda High Road. It was established in the year 1998 to nurture learners into pupils who are buoyant in their physical activity, keen in their cognitive reception, practical in their application, and pliant to values that underscore the finest qualities of the world citizen.

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One will wonder what exactly is being taught in this school to warrant such an amount as fees. But for parents who can afford this fee, the education of their ward is paramount.  Merton is offering admissions to parents who want to unlock the potentials of their wards with a wide range of learning opportunities.

The fees can be, if not the highest-paid in the country when it comes to basic school education. In tough economic times like now, one would wonder if people can really afford this school for their child. Well, this school is an International school for a reason. Meaning the school is not for regular Ghanaian parents living on meager salaries.

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The structure of their High School fees contains GHC15,000 for admission fees, GHC12,500 for tuition fees, GHC610.00 for school uniforms, GHC100.00 for P.E uniform, GHC18.00 for lunch per day, GHC30.00 for tie/bow ( ceremonial), GHC15.00 for socks, and an additional GHC40.00 for assessment.

Below is a shot of the fees from the schools:


While this may be fees for new students coming into the school, is it important to note how expensive it is. This school is definitely not your average basic school.



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