The 2008 Africa Cup of Nations was hosted by Ghana in a very intriguing football climate since back in the day the love for football was one of the many things Ghanaians possess and could boast of.

As customary of the event since its inception, the AFCON trophy is always put on display for the world to see before the events begin on the opening matchday.

Ghana displayed its beautiful culture yet again when a little girl clad in the beautiful kente was carried in a palanquin with the trophy in her hands for a display to the world.

Well, just as life is, that little is all grown now and very beautiful just like she was back in 2008. Research and some serious digging have brought out a picture that suggests that the little girl of 2008 is now an adult.

Social media has gone crazy after the picture of the girl whose name we have identified as Mimi Boateng popped up online and since then she has become the topic of discussion.

Check the pictures below:


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