Priscilla Akwagu is a Ghanaian single mother who hawked ‘bofrot’ on the street of Accra to see herself through school as well as cater to the needs of her only child.

The story of Priscilla Akwagu becomes more interesting when you understand that achieving what she has under such conditions requires so much focus, dedication, and utmost determination.

In its simplest form, this lady defied all odds that in natural means could pull her down to graduate from the University of Education, Winneba with a First Class Honours in her field of study.

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Sharing her story on Facebook, Adom Ara Kwa disclosed that knowing Priscilla personally and hearing of her achievement made them surprise her with some gifts on her graduation day. Tagging her story as “From bofrot seller to a 1st class graduate”, they encouraged her to move higher and inspire others.

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