Maxim Healthcare Group And Their Services

Maxim Healthcare Group

Maxim Healthcare Group has been operating since 1988. However, the company received its accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) in 2008. A decision that brought the company under the healthcare provision scrutiny on the United States.

Maxim Healthcare Group is a privately held medical staffing company that has its headquarters in Columbia, Maryland. At the initial stages of its establishment, the company was named MEDCALL Medical Staffing.

From time to time, the company organizes events to celebrate nurses of the institution and as well reward deserving ones. The company trains all their staff on the job to get them abreast with the current situations in healthcare provision.

Maxim Healthcare Group Services

The company according to the official website provides different kinds of healthcare services other than the traditional outpatient routine health care.

With over one hundred and fifty offices situated across all states in America, Maxim is dedicated to becoming the best mobile and fixed health service provider in America. Their current services include but are not limited to;

  1. All Staffing Services
  2. Allied
  3. Behavioral Health Services
  4. Educational
  5. Government Staffing
  6. HIM and Revenue Cycle Management
  7. Locum Tenens and Advanced Practitioners
  8. Nurse Staffing
  9. Travel Nursing
  10. Workforce Management
  11. COVID-19 Staffing Solutions
  12. Maxim TimeClock
  13. Customer Tools
  14. Client Success Stories

If you own a pharmacy, clinic, or hospital and need to recruit officials to manage these institutions, Maxim is the best to contact. They take over all the processes and deliver the best among the lot to get you running.

For travelers, there’s no need to worry about who attends to you when the unfortunate happens in the journey. All you need to do is contact Maxim and their team of well-trained and dedicated travel nurses will sort your needs out.

To make contacts and book appointments for you to be attended to at home, you’ll have to fill and submit the Contact Form in that regard.

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