News coming in this morning indicates that Manchester United’s rising star Mason Greenwood is in big trouble as he domestically abused his girlfriend.

The Manchester United star has been trending online due to pictures and videos that were released by his girlfriend over alleged abuse. Mason Greenwood has been under the radar over his incident with Phil Foden in the England Camp is back in the news again with even bigger trouble.

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The pictures released show his girlfriend with a bloody nose and bruises all over her body. She then released another video of an audio recording of Mason forcing himself on her.

I want to state emphatically, we don’t condone any form of abuse towards women. And we find this allegation sicking to the stomach. The Manchester United star has some serious explanations to give first to the police and his loyal fans.

Below are snippets of the pictures and videos of the abuse:

This is quite unfortunate for the player who has great potential from the look of his footballing skills. Due to our policies, take a look at the video HERE



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