Producer and host of ‘With All Due Respect’ on Loud Silence TV, Kevin Taylor is has taken a step against the President of Ghana and journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni with just a comment

Over the years, a section of Ghanaians believes that the President of Ghana, is not a lawyer and has never studied law. Some even believe that he holds no law certificate.

But all these are just assumptions since no one will come out to publish or authenticate the academic and professional certificates of the President on any day.

Well, today, Kevin Taylor who is a loud talker thinks there is the need to do some fact check. In a twee, the media man asked the editor in chief of the Fourth Estate News to use his ‘Fact Check’ team to check how true it is that the President is a lawyer.

You may be thinking this is a good call but if you must know, he is making fun of Manasseh Azure who many believe only criticizes a section of people and leave out his favourite, a real incident involves his pastor, Pastor Mensa Otabil who was alleged to have embezzled some monies.

Check his Tweet here:

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