Planning on what to buy and making a list of them is not the requirement to enter the food market but rather planning what to buy with what you have. Here are some low-budget Nigerian meals you can actually prepare with little money.

Every time you look at your pocket as a Nigerian and head into the food market, you are unable to buy everything you have visited the market for. This is simply because you did not plan well.

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In this article, we are going to present to you some very sumptuous meals that you could actually prepare with very little money since the ingredients required are not much.

Let’s get started

Low Budget Nigerian Meals

Our first meal is Gari or Eba as it is locally referred to. This food is widely consumed by households across all states in the country irrespective of what tribe, family, or social background one belongs to. Celebrities eat Eba not because it is less costly but though it is, it tastes also great. Aside from the ingredients needed for the stew or soup, all you need for the Eba itself is Gari and water.

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Moving on, let us take a look at Pounded Yam as the next item. Do you know that yam can actually be made into other foods aside from boiled yam slices? Yes, that’s true. Pounded yam is locally called fufu. Just as its name suggests, the boiled yam is pounded into a whitish soft substance that is then molded into balls.

Roasted Yam with Red Oil is a must-eat food. You are actually thinking if you read right? Yes, you did. As mentioned earlier, yam can be used to make other dishes aside from boiled and this is also one of them. A large section of Nigerian households make do with this food at any time of the day with bush meat and it is so palatable that you might have to taste it soon.

Now let us mention what you are actually waiting to see Plain Rice with Stew. Yes, this meal is so much affordable for an average Nigerian. All a person needs to get this prepared is fresh and tomato paste, oil, onions, and spices for the stew and then rice. This is affordable right?

Lastly, Cooked Beans. If you are not allergic to beans foods, then cooked beans are definitely a good meal for you. We all know that beans are proteinous foods hence consuming it is one good thing to ever happen to you.

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