There are numerous banks in Ghana. Some of these banks are public, others private whereas many are international banks. The list of local banks in Ghana includes all banks that operate in the confines of the Ghanaian banking and financial operations space.

In the last financial sector cleanup in Ghana, the government of Ghana took the initiative to dissolve banks that do not meet the minimum capital requirements. This was necessary in order to protect the resources of the citizens who perform banking transactions with them. Currently, there are countless financial institutions including savings and loans companies.

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List of Local Banks in Ghana

If you are in Ghana and may need to deal with any of the banking institutions of the country, you are in the right space to know about the banks available and licensed to operate. The list of local banks in Ghana include:

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1. GCB Bank Limited

GCB Bank Limited, which was formally known as Ghana Commercial Bank is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operating assets and share of industry deposits, with 14.2% of total industry deposits.

The bank which was instituted in 1953 has over the years grown to outshine its competitor and has become a trusted brand that many people across Ghana will want to transact business with. The bank has also distributed its access evenly across the country with its branches spread all over Ghana.

2. Ecobank Ghana

Ecobank is a pan-African banking conglomerate, with banking operations in 36 African countries. Ecobank has grown to become the only bank to have its branches in all West African countries enabling swift and smooth inter-regional banking transactions.

Ecobank has over the years operated in Ghana under a banking license issued by the country’s central bank, the Bank of Ghana. This means that the bank has met all capital requirements and all citizens and foreigners are safe transacting business with them.

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3. Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Plc is one of the largest financial service providers in Nigeria and in many Anglophone West African countries. It is licensed as a commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

Zenith Bank currently has up to $16 billion of assets as well as about $900 million in shareholders’ equity. This only goes a long way to mean that, the bank is financially sound to operate and as such has been duly licensed by the bank of Ghana.

4. Adb Bank Ltd

Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana, commonly known as Agricultural Development Bank or ADB, is a government-owned development and commercial bank in Ghana. It is the first development finance institution established by the Government of Ghana to serve the financial investment needs of the agric sector of the country.

Since its establishment, though purposed for agriculture investment, the bank has operated publicly and has also transacted business for purposes other than agriculture.

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5. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered plc is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, England. It operates a network of more than 1,200 branches with its outlets spread across more than 70 countries in the world including Ghana.

The bank after meeting all requirements as laid down by the financial regulator has been fully registered by the registrar of companies in Ghana and given the legal mandate to operate as a bank by the Bank of Ghana.

Other Local Banks Include:

  1. Cal Bank
  2. Agave Rural Bank
  3. Anlo Rural Bank
  4. Stanbic Bank
  5. Fidelity Bank
  6. GT Bank
  7. African Development Bank

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