It is interesting to know that there are Ghanaian female celebrities who do not follow any other celebrity on Facebook. Though the list of celebrities involved in this includes men, this article throws light on a few of the females that are involved.

There may be reasons why a person may choose not to follow another on social media but not following any is questionable especially when it has to do with the same industry in which you may need the help of others.

Here are six female Ghanaian artists who do not currently follow any other celebrities on Facebook to the extent that some have zero followings.

1. Wendy Shay

The Ruftown Music signee follows no one on Facebook and that includes her manager and record label, her parents, and close friends. Her following is Zero (0) on the platform.

Wendy Shay Facebook

2. Gyakie

Though she is new in the business, he doesn’t seem like she needs a mentor for her showbiz life as she shows Zero (0) interest in following others in showbiz including members of her management.

Gyakie Facebook

3. Mzvee

We guess by now you know that Mzvee is not far from others you’ve already read about. As of now, Mzvee follows just one Facebook account and that is not a person but rather her church page.

Mzvee Facebook

4. Mzbel

The celebrated singer and hitmaker though has been in the business for decades also does not see the need to follow others in the field. She follows 11 accounts currently and the only people among the 11 are former President John Mahama, rapper , Nasty Blaq of Nigeria, and Sheila Emefa.

Mzbel Facebook

5. Sista Afia

It seems clear that something is wrong in the industry and there is the need to take a look at it. Sista Afia only follows one account which is a radio station on Facebook.

Sista Afia Facebook

6. Eno Barony

The only person Eno Barony follow on Facebook is celebrated Dj, DjBlack. The other 3 accounts she follows are organizations.

Eno Barony Facebook




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