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List of Five Importance of Festival In Ghana: Impact On Development

Importance of Festivals In Ghana

No country around the globe can underscore the importance of festivals in economic development and social cohesion since the contributions are enormous. African culture has given space for the smooth integration of different festivals such that people pin their favourites on calendars as they await the due time. Well, you’re not alone if you think festivals are important. Here is a list of five importance of festival in Ghana.

Many people for the integration of imported ideas from the western world have begun to downplay the role festivals play in holding the country together. But no matter how deep this western culture eats into ours, the love we have for our traditional festivals will keep on rising.

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List of Five Importance of Festival In Ghana
Ghanaian Chiefs At A Durbar Ground

If you actually visit cultural grounds, especially the events before the grand durbar, you’ll see the relationships the celebration of festivals has created among us a people and fast-forward look for ways of promoting them.

List of Five Importance of Festival In Ghana

If you are looking for reasons to buttress why festivals must rather be promoted, here is a list of five importance of festivals in Ghana, please read on:

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Social Cohesion

The ability of society to live in oneness is largely contributed to by culture and festivals being a big part of the culture will always be mentioned in that regard as well. Festivals are large tools to make people bond stronger to fight a common enemy.

Social cohesion refers to the strength of relationships and the sense of solidarity among members of a community which in this case is Ghana at large. Many people are able to sympathize with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and as well celebrate their wins with them in harmony.

Ethnic Tolerance

Ghana has been divided into ethnic groups with many ethnic groups occupying one district, region, or even a town. The ability of these groups to be able to live along with each other and buy into the ideas of others peacefully is Ethnic Tolerance.

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Sometimes because of the wide variations in the ways of doing things among these ethnic groups, there seems to be discomfort among them on certain levels but above all, because they have to travel and witness the festivals of others and as well join them to celebrate, they, in turn, understand them and live to accept their differences.

Foreign Exchange

In Ghana, festivals come along with arts and culture. Art has over the years expanded its horizon to the extent that the world loves it so much. Many people from around the world will pay thousands of dollars to acquire a piece of art and that becomes a foreign exchange.

Also, there are a lot of people who travel out of the country to study in other jurisdictions because of their cultural backgrounds and love and cheer for festivals all over the country. People also engage in exchange programs where foreigners come to Ghana and Ghanaians travel abroad just to study diverse cultures. All these add up to the foreign exchange earnings of Ghana.

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Tourism Promotion

As has been the case over the years, tourism has always had its roots in festivals and that will not change anytime soon. All over the world, people have pinned festivals on their calendars and prepared for them all year.

Ghana year on year receives internationals at her airport and borders. Many of these foreigners come into the country for particular festivals and write books and novels about them. While in the country, they take time to travel to the many Top Historical Monuments To See In Ghana holds dear and take pictures which they show out there when they eventually return.

International Exposure

For any country to be recognized in the international world has to come with various reasons. The beautiful culture of Ghana has always attracted international media and thereby creating international exposure for Ghana and her people.

For instance, the BBC sends its media persons into Ghana often to take up the job of filming various festivals and publishing their findings to the world at later times.

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