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If you are a staff, you may have been looking for a list of valid reasons for taking a vacation leave so that you can follow these reasons to put up a letter for your boss or employer.

Stating the reasons why a vacation leave is important to you is one of the best ways to be assured that your leave request will be approved within the shortest possible time as compared to others in the same category.

Employers always want value for the monies they pay their employees in the form of remunerations and salaries hence one cannot take a leave of absence without stating the reasons and these reasons as well must be valid.

I have seen many queries about this very topic on Google search so I took the liberty to bring you every bit of information you will need on valid reasons for a vacation leave.

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What is a leave in the world of work?

Many sources have their versions of the topic. However, in summary, a leave of absence is permission for an employee to be away from work for a period of time. It might be voluntary, mandatory, or paid leave.

In all the examples listed above, there is always the need to state clearly the reasons. For instance, a pregnant woman will go on a mandatory paid leave while a tired worker can opt for voluntary leave.

Valid Reasons For Vacation Leave

Here, let us take a look at 5 valid reasons for vacation leave from your employer. Using the points listed in this article assures you of prompt approval of your leave permission.

  • Takes off or reduces stress
  • Puts you in the best psychological frame of mind
  • Ensures proper blood circulation of your blood
  • Reduces fatigue and burnout
  • Improves your general health
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