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Light Nigerian Meals For Dinner – A Guide To Good Living

Light Nigerian Meals For Dinner

There is a saying that, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a slave, and that has been the case in many homes across Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians prefer eating simple but nutritious foods at night so here is a list of some light Nigerian meals for dinner from which you can make your selection.

All over Nigeria, different foods exist but there are some foods that you’ll find across all the states you’ll visit. These foods are often both local and international. To guide you through which foods can support your good living agenda, this article is definitely for you.

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Now here is exactly what you are here for, let’s get into it and get you to start making those plans

Light Nigerian Meals For Dinner

1. Plantain, yam, or cocoyam porridge will be the first meal we are going to talk about here. Have you ever seen or tasted this? If you have not, you should start getting the ingredients ready as soon as possible because you’re missing something delicious. Though the porridge is light, it is very nutritious and satisfying.

2. Let’s look at Balangu Jollof as a second option for you. This type of Jollof is prepared in a different way as compared to the Jollof you know about. Balangu is chopped meat. The meat is chopped in very little form for a start. Use the meat to prepare a regular stew but do well to add some yaji (Suya spice) and kulikuli to the mix. When the sauce is ready, add an already slightly boiled rice to it, that’s where the difference comes in.

3.  Please consider having Spaghetti and Beef Stew next and you won’t regret the decision. You have eaten spag a couple of times and already know how it tastes. But do you know how it is when combined with beef stew? Please do well to have this as dinner one of these days and give us feedback.

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4. Plain Rice with Stew and Vegetables will be another perfect light dinner for you. Have you ever considered how you felt after 3 hours of eating this food in the day? Hungry right? That explains how light it is to be taken as dinner on any day.

5. Yam Stew with Fish will take you to another dimension. The whole idea is to eat yam and stew but both prepare together and garnished with some of your favourite fish. Yea, you are already salivating. Don’t worry just get it on.

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