One big issue at the center of social media at the moment is the news that a young lady has ended things with her boyfriend/fiance because he does not get angry when she offends him, even when she does it intentionally.

A post made by an anonymous person on social media suggests a friend narrating the ordeal of a friend who has ended a relationship with her boyfriend for reasons that, the man is too calm and does not get angry.

But is this even real? A person wanting her partner to be angry if she goes wrong? Is it for the joy in begging for forgiveness or the time used in crying?

The post reads;

“this generation ankasa what is wrong with us aaahhh. how can you end a relationship just because the guy is calm. anytime you do something bad which you feel like he should be angry at you and be yelling at you, he would rather be calm about it and be advising you. you cheated on him and he forgave you since you claim it was a mistake.

You where expecting him to be angry at you to the extent of break up buh this guy did not do that. now see a good guy is here crying and broken hearted just because the girl he loves says that ever since they started dating they have never fought and she can not be in such a relationship. asem ooo


Here is the exact post:



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