The major reason behind officials of the rejecting the downloaded and printed lesson plans from Ghanaian teachers is that the said notes are written by someone else based on his classroom setting and the learners he teaches.

Because of this, GES expects that every teacher should write a unique lesson note that meets the needs of learners in his class and addresses these needs to the core in order to have very bright children.

According to the Informed Teachers Network’s Jerry Akporhor, it is the hypocrisy that is killing these officials and weakening the system. He took his time to list the following as the hypocrisy displayed by these GES officials

GES Lesson Plan Hypocrisy number one

When a teacher downloads the already prepared notes from the internet and uses a pen to copy ditto ditto into the lesson notebook provided, it is accepted without any comments.

Does copying it with a pen make the note unique or make it meet the learning needs of the learners? The answer is a no.

GES Lesson Plan Hypocrisy number two

GES has introduced a Policy in some selected basic schools called GALOP (Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcome Project). It is basically an intervention program for “non-performing” schools to bridge the gap.

Before the introduction of the New Curriculum, With support from USAID, 100 districts across the country were implementing a Reading Program at the KG and lower primary called the Learning Program.

This program came with a resource pack for teachers, teachers’ guide/lesson notes, workbooks, textbooks, and supplementary books for children’s practice at home.

Within the three years of piloting, we all saw results. The children were reading to our admiration. The children, teachers, and parents like the program and wish it was extended but GES threw it away and brought in the Standards-Based Curriculum.

Currently, they are passing the ‘bushway’ to reintroduce it to schools that were not selected for the GALOP initiative.

Interestingly, because of this reintroduction, teachers in these classes (1-3) were asked not to write lesson notes for English and Ghanaian Language. Why? because somebody from the USA has already written the notes for them and it’s going to be used by teachers in every part of the country.

Meanwhile, GES officials want to make us believe that, one teacher in the North cannot write notes for another in the South to implement.

If this is not hypocrisy, what else is? Truth is, GES just wants to see teachers suffering for nothing. That’s all. How can you be preaching standardization and individual discretion at the same time? How can you standardize the curriculum and leave the lesson notes out?

If a scripted lesson note is doing magic in the learning program, why can’t it do the same for the Standard Based Curriculum?

GES Lesson Plan Hypocrisy number three

The newly introduced Standards-Based Curriculum and its attendant Lesson notes are designed with three terms in mind and not semester.

When you look criticality at how the Strands and Sub-strands are to be distributed especially for some selected subjects, NaCCA has to seriously go back to the drawing board, redesign, come back and retrain teachers on how to implement them if we are really serious about achieving the Standards.

They are there looking on, extending the length of the school day as if all is well while teachers are in the classroom racking their brains amidst frustration. They will soon come around to intimidate teachers for not writing lesson notes.

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