So you may be wondering how you can contact this site without necessarily making physical contacts with the site, its managers, or the employees. Here, we present you the key to Legon Botanical Gardens contact number for you to place that call easily and get the event booked.

As we move on, we think you may find Legon Botanical Gardens; Activities, Operating Hours, Rates And Contacts useful too.

Legon Botanical Gardens Contact Number


Every single activity of the Legon Botanical Gardens is designed for all persons irrespective of their age. There are lessons, fun, and experience for all.  Please come Conference with Nature. Note also that there’s a playground for your kids so you don’t have to leave them at home.

There’s the canoeing experience. Come ride on a canoe for fun and experience the thrill of the water. Cruise around beautiful Islands and Peninsulas which are the sanctuary for birds and their friends the Monitor Lizards in live jackets. It is imperative to know that this service is available from Fridays-Sundays & public holidays. Starts from 10:00am till 5:00pm. Groups with numbers of 20 and above must book in advance.

Here, there is also the high rope course which challenges you to make your way through a series of platforms connected by cable, wood, and rope creating a different challenge at each platform. Patrons must note that they must wear sneakers/full closed shoes, trousers/shorts and must be in hand gloves.

Operating Hours

08:00 – 17:00 (Last Entry is 16:30): Opened Weekdays

08:00 – 18:00 (Last Entry is 17:00): Opened Weekends & All Public Holidays.

Sundays and Mondays: Administration is closed.

Mondays and Tuesdays: Quiet time in the Gardens. (Facilities not in use)

Legon Botanical Gardens Contact Number

Contact them on +233 (0)262 366 167 / (0)552 880 908

You can also send an e-mail to:

For bookings, you make need to use the forms here: Booking Forms.

Legon Botanical Gardens Rates

These are the notable rates required for entry into the facility and using other services in there;

Entry (per person) – GHC15.00 

Entry and Playground package (per child) – GHC25

Entry with a dog attracts extra GHC15 (per dog)

Attractions & Pricing

Canopy Walkway (Adults) – GHC25

Canopy Walkway (Children) – GHC20

Playground – GHC20

High Rope Course (2 Routes) – GHC40

High Rope Course (4 Routes) – GHC70

Junior Rope Course – GHC20

Wedding Shoot – GHC250

Model Photo Shoot (1 cast 2 crew only) 4 hours – GHC150

Model Photoshoot (1 cast 2 crew only) 8 hours – GHC250

Video Shoot (4 Hours) – GHC700 (Book in advance)

Video Shoot (Full day) – GHC1,200 (Book in advance)

Extra Charges for Photo & Video Shoot

Drone / UAV– 4 Hrs – GHC300

Shoot on CW/HRC (per facility) – per hour- GHC300

Shoot on Canoe Ride – 30 minutes- GHC50

Bird Watching – GHC30 (Personal Binoculars)

Fishing – GHC30 (Personal Fishing Rod and Bait)

Biking – GHC20 (Personal Bike)

Canoe Ride – GHC10 (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)

Fire – Grill, Burner, etc -GHC 50

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