Ghana is a multilingual state. There are so many languages in Ghana. So many to the extent that we cannot account for each and every one of them. This is simply because over time we have had an influx of foreigners who comes into the country with their own languages and return teach some Ghanaian citizens these languages.

But today in this write-up, we are going to closely look at the major Ghanaian languages used especially those studies in schools and have been in existence since the inception and recognition of languages available in the country by authorities.

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There are some 50 indigenous Ghanaian languages but only eleven of these languages are taught in Ghanaian schools with a few used on local radio and television channels.

You should know that just like most African countries, the official language of Ghana is the English Language as it is used both in schools and offices across the country.

Languages In Ghana

Now we are here, and it’s time we take you through what you are actually here for. Please take note that our write-up may not have all that you are looking for in terms of Ghanaian languages but it is definitely the best you could present for any research work.

The Akan language. Spoken widely in Ghana, the Akan language comprises Akuapem Twi, Asante Twi, and Fante.

The Ewe language is one of the languages that also spread across the country. With a vast section of the language being spoken by; the Tongus, Wedomes, Agaves, and Anlos.

One of the rather fast-spreading languages also is Ga. The language dominates the country’s capital Accra and is widely used alongside Twi and Ewe in the cities of Accra.

Also, there are the Hausa, Dagbani, Dagaari languages spoke largely in the northern part of the country and a few seen in Accra and some other rare places in the country since the speakers of the languages are largely traders.

The Dangme language which is largely attributed to the Gas and Krobos is also one very commonly used one across the country. The Dangmes share boundary with the people of the Volta Region and have lived peacefully with them.

Also, there is Nzema. Nzema is one of the Bia languages, closely related to Akan. It is spoken by the Nzema people in the Western Region of Ghana. It is also spoken in the Ivory Coast.

People also use the Gonja language. Gonja is one of the Guang languages, part of the Tano languages within the Kwa branch along with Akan and Bia. This one is spoken in the Northern Region of Ghana and Wa

The other languages that are spoken in Ghana include; Frafra Chala, Buli, Kasem, Okposo, Ahanta, and many others we would bring to you in our updates.


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