A lady had gone viral for starting what she refers to as ‘urine therapy’ which she explains that everyone must begin as it brings lots of changes into one’s life, especially the issue of the skin.

According to the lady, she drinks her own urine twice or three times weekly and that is what can be termed ‘urine therapy’ and her reason is that it detoxifies the skin and makes it smooth enough that you don’t need any other form of ointments or medications.

Though there is no medical proof to what this lady says, it is clear that the outcome of her ‘urine therapy’ is fascinating and that may coerce people who are longing for beautifully smooth skin to start the therapy

We are all aware that the final product of water purification by the body is urine and as such urine in itself is toxic and contains other forms of chemicals that the body added during its chemical reactions.

With this, it is only right for me to inform you that drinking urine may be dangerous to your health and that you are doing it at your own risk.

Watch the video below: 

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