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Lady had two front teeth pulled out for ‘vandalizing’ the home of her cheating boyfriend

Lady's teeth pulled out

The things some people do can even the ‘devil’ wondering whether to admit them in his kingdom or not because they might organize a coup to overthrow him.

This is how our story today is going to make you feel after you go through the full happening and you are able to process what happened with yourself with time.

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A story we came across which has received a lot of public outcry on behalf of the victim is worth sharing with you.

According to the story which was shared on Facebook a socialite who needed to understand why certain things are left to happen to some people and if it is well deserved, a lady has had two of her front teeth pulled out by her boyfriend for vandalizing his home after she caught him cheating on her.

Sharing the incidence with the public on the cross messaging platform, the sharer shared the details as followed:

“The woman in the picture found out that the boyfriend was cheating on her. Then in anger, she went to his place and destroyed everything in the house that he worked hard for. They dated for 3 weeks and she was not there when he was getting the property.
He then went to her place then beat her up, he took a pair of pliers and pulled out her 2 front teeth.”

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The question that came with this post was: Did she deserve this? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Watch the images of the incidence below:

What do you think?

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