One of the weirdest incidents occurred in a supermarket when a lady slapped her boyfriend after rejecting his marriage proposal. The disgraceful part is how the young man organized the whole proposal thing.

A young lady is seen in a new viral video shouting at a man who is assumed to be her boyfriend looking at the scenario in play. The who incident goes to suggest that her boyfriend proposed to her in an open supermarket in a well-planned way.

The ascent used in the audio that accompanied the video suggests that the video was recorded in Nigeria or by Nigerians. if you listen carefully, you will see how disappointed some ladies are in the background when she rejected the proposal.

However, things turn quickly when the lady who rejected the proposal, went outside and realized the guy who she knew to be poor, bought her a new car. At this point, she began begging but it was too late.

Watch the video here:

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