The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to the need to reduce the crowded campuses we have in the country just for us to reduce the risk of getting infected and re-infecting other students and lecturers across campuses. The KNUST Vclass GH portal is here to compliment the physical classroom style of learning which we have been used to over the years.

A handful of students are able to log onto the portal but some other students are unable to make their way onto the portal smoothly hence we have made this article to do the work you.

Here you may consider Vclass UEW GH; How To Login To Access The Portal useful for reading.

The article explains in detail every step needed to get onto the KNUST Vclass GH portal for those who are unable to do so and also serves as extra guidance for students who already know their way around. Remember V-class means virtual class (an online class)

KNUST VClass GH How To Login

1. You need to visit the UEW Vclass official website to get access to the login or signup options and to provide your details for validation.

2. On the page, find KNUST Virtual classroom from the options and click on it for access.

3. Here, provide your index number as username. Use the same index number as your password when asked to input a password in the process.

4. After the first login is successful, you will need to change your password. Please do not use your applicant ID as the new password.

5. Save your changes and you are through the process and ready to begin learning online to avoid failing your courses.


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