The Ghana Revenue Authority, the institution mandated by the government of Ghana to collect taxes from all sectors of the economy after the introduction of the e-levy tax has put forth the e-levy charges for easy access.

Because of the charge placed on own accounts transfer by some banks, the effect of the e-levy is felt largely by the Mobile Money Agents across the length and breadth of the country since many of them prefer to transfer their electronic cash into their personal bank accounts for easy withdrawals.

The coming of the e-levy charge chart will facilitate easy transactional access since one can just take a look and then operate without necessarily doing any calculations on their own as it used t be.

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E-levy charges chart

Here are the transactional amounts and their corresponding e-levy charges as put out by the Ghana Revenue Authority. This will help you as an operator if you need to charge a customer for the levy.

Transfer Amount                     Total E-levy Charge

  • 20                                                            N/A
  • 50                                                            N/A
  • 80                                                            N/A
  • 100                                                          N/A
  • 150                                                          0.75 p (on GHC50)
  • 200                                                          1.50 (on GHC100)
  • 300                                                          3.00 (on GHC200)
  • 400                                                          4.50 (on GHC300)
  • 500                                                          6.00 (on GHC400)
  • 600                                                          7.50 (on GHC500)
  • 700                                                          9.00 (on GHC600)
  • 800                                                          10.50 (on GHC700)
  • 900                                                          12.00 (on GHC800)
  • 1000                                                        13.50 (on GHC900)
  • 2000                                                        28.50 (on GHC1900)
  • 5000                                                        73.50 (on GC4900)

Find the e-levy charges chart prepared by the Ghana Revenue Authority,GRA:

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