Trillian Wood-Smith is the son of renowned American rapper Trevor George Smith Jr., who is known professionally across the showbiz world as Busta Rhymes.

According to information available to us, Trillian went to Lincoln University to finish his studies. His father congratulated him on Instagram, saying, “Another young king of mine, off to start the next chapter.”

Trillian Wood-Smith was born in the year 2001 which means that he has passed the legal age limit with regards to a number of legal limits in the States.

On his Instagram page, he has released a number of big gigs, one of which is his freestyle rap song “All I.” He must be thriving day by day to become one of the finest in the future, just like his father.

He has secured his career in the music industry, according to a study. He most likely followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in music.

Trillian is the founder of the Popular Loner brand, a New York-based fashion label that makes a decent living from its operations. He also started Famo Ent., a company that organizes parties, events, and hosting, among other things.

In attempting to build his own empire, Trillian is making the most of the life his father had provided for him. His parents are always there for him, ready to assist him in any situation.

Trillian Wood-Smith currently has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He is trying as much as possible to add more to his wealth.

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