If you appreciate as a way of exploring life, then you have made one of the best decisions anyone could ever make on nature. Living a good life is not about going on expensive spa treats but rather exploring the goodness of nature around the world and that’s exactly what Kessben Travel and Tour in Kumasi, Adum does.

For Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad, your travel needs are sorted out if you patronize Kessben Travel and Tours in Adum through their WhatsApp platform or other social media platforms as well as their phone number.

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Kessben Travel And Tour Adum

Kessben Travel and Tour is an award-winning travel agency in Adum, Kumasi, Ghana which has been in the travel business for close to 2 decades.

Kessben Travel & Tours offers the best value in air travel to any destination with some of the most advanced technology systems which helps to provide the widest choice of travel deals and airline prices.

With expertise in consultancy, Kessben’s best travel consultants offer advice on travel and visas, airline booking, reservations, and ticketing of Domestic flights or International flights.

Kessben Travel And Tour Phone Number

Just as many of us will like to find out or book an appointment to be sure that we will be attended to, I know you will be in search of Kessben Travel and Tour’s phone number as well as e-mail address so here you have it.

You can contact Kessben Travel and Tours on:

  • 0322 095124
  • 0322 037350
  • 0322 137352
  • 024 5266255

Kessben Travel And Tour Location

You should also remember, you can locate Kessben Travel and Tour on the 2nd Floor of Aseda House in Aduma, Kumasi.

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