Nigerian Nollywood actor, filmmaker, producer, and businessman Jim Iyke is one of the luckiest men on earth, having been married to a very pretty, hard-working, and supportive wife who has served as his anchor since their marriage.

Just as has been the dream of every hard-working man to get married to a very supportive wife who knows just what to do to bring value to her husband, the actor has found just that person and has been living happily ever after.

But the bigger question that should be on your mind now is, who is that woman that we keep giving all the accolades to as the wife of Jim Iyke? Well, let us dive right into it.

Who is Jim Iyke’s wife?

Jim Iyke’s wife is Dana Kinduryte. Dana is very pretty outside and per what the actor keeps saying about his partner, we believe that Dana Kinduryte is beautiful inside as well.

Together with her, the actor now has a baby. Yes, Jim Iyke has a son whom he welcomed into the world with an Instagram post when he was born.

Where is Jim Iyke’s Wife, Dana Kinduryte from?

Talking about nationality, Dana Kinduryte is Lithuanian. She is from Lithuania which is a country in Europe is officially called the Republic of Lithuania. She hails from Kaunas, the second-largest city in the country.

What is Jim Iyke’s Wife’s net worth?

Being a very supportive wife goes a long way to add to your finances as well and that’s the story of Jim Iyke’s wife. Since she got married to him, her wealth has also increased marginally.

Jim Iyke’s wife’s net worth is estimated at $1 million US Dollars.

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