The 21st century is definitely in with its own trends and such trends have become the order of the day among SHS students especially when they get into their final year in school. Here’s an SHS Teenager in tears after her boyfriend dumped her.

All over Ghana, 2021 SHS final year students have been alleged to have committed one offense or the other but a single one of these kids is yet to be found culpable for the alleged offenses. First, students of Osei Tutu SHS were alleged to have cut down the plantain plantation of their assistant headmaster over strict invigilation.

The second of the series is students being accused of setting their school dormitory ablaze for reasons we are yet to know of. Then another has to do with a student crushing the windscreen of a teacher’s car for no mentioned reasons.

Above all these, an SHS teenager has been busy ch0pping love with her lover boy. Unfortunately, it ended where she has not imagined, she has been dumped.

To get the pain off her chest, she has been crying bitterly and attempts to make her forget the ugly incident have been futile so far.

Watch the video here:

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