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Have you ever hunted for the insurance companies in Ghana and their contacts in your desire to put some measures in place for your future or your family’s?

According to Investopedia, Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company.

An insurance company is an institution that sells coverage designed to help protect you against loss, theft, or damage to you or your property as well as proper investment of your limited resources.

In this article, I will bring to you a list of insurance companies in Ghana and their contacts so that your search for an insurance company can be made much easier.


Insurance companies in Ghana are guided by the Insurance Act 2021, Act 1061. The act is implemented by the National Insurance Commission (NIC), a body instituted by the powers of parliament to regulate the insurance sector of Ghana.

Insurance Companies In Ghana And Their Contacts

Just like they operate elsewhere, insurance companies in Ghana provide an easy avenue for interested persons to ensure their properties, life, and money against well-designed anomalies.

Here is a list of some insurance companies in Ghana;

Company                                                              Contact

  • Allianz Insurance Company Ghana LTD      030 276 4893
  • SUNU Assurances Ghana Limited               030 277 0548
  • Company Ltd                                              030 278 1118
  • Starlife Assurance                                       030 273 9600
  • First Insurance Company Ltd                     024 434 9143
  • saham life Insurance Ghana                       030 222 8047
  • Old Mutual Ghana                                      030 223 0664
  • Hollard Insurance Ghana Ltd                      030 222 0966
  • Glico General Insurance Co. Ltd                 030 212 64901
  • Wapic Insurance Ghana Ltd                        030 277 3616
  • Ghana Life Insurance                                  030 277 1298
  • Prudential Life Insurance                            030 200 1771
  • RegencyNem Insurance (Ghana) Limited    030 212 8566
  • miLife Insurance Ltd                                    030 254 4332
  • Enterprise Life Insurance Company             030 221 1332


Insurance companies like SIC insurance, Starlife insurance, Glico insurance, and Prudential Life insurance are very popular in the country but they are not the only insurance companies operating.

There are some companies that only underwrite for banks and other financial deposit-taking institutions.

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