Ini Edo is a famous and well-respected Nigerian actress, filmmaker, producer, and entrepreneur who has spent more than two decades in the movie and film industry, starring in her first major role in the year 2000.

Born on April 23, 1982, in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. Ini Edo’s real name is Iniobong Edo Ekim which was given by her loving parents. The amazing actress was born into a family of three with her other known siblings being Oti Edo, Ukeme Edo.

For her affluence in society and her use of movies to impact the lives of many who support and follow her works, she was appointed by the United Nations as a United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy in the year 2014.

Ini Edo Movies

So we keep saying this amazing lady is a screen goddess when it comes to acting. But the bigger question what are the movies she has made since venturing into the movie-making space in the last 2 decades?

Well, Ini Edo has featured in well over 100 movies. Here are the movies we know of so far that Ini Edo has starred in and we hope that you find time to watch a few before you finally get tired of her amazing acting spirit.

  1. Fatal Seduction
  2. The Greatest Sacrifice
  3. My Heart Your Home
  4. Nowhere to Run
  5. Stolen Tomorrow
  6. Sacrifice for Love
  7. Silence of the Gods
  8. Supremacy
  9. Too Late to Claim
  10. Total Control
  11. Traumatized
  12. War Game
  13. 11:45… Too Late
  14. The Bank Manager
  15. The Bet
  16. Cold War
  17. Crying Angel
  18. Desperate Need
  19. Emotional Blackmail
  20. I Want My Money
  21. Last Picnic
  22. Living in Tears
  23. Living Without You
  24. Men Do Cry
  25. My Precious Son
  26. One God One Nation
  27. Weekend getaway
  28. Pretty Angels
  29. Red Light
  30. Royal Package
  31. Security Risk
  32. Songs of Sorrow
  33. Stronghold
  34. Tears for Nancy
  35. Unforeseen
  36. Eyes of Love
  37. Faces of Beauty
  38. Indecent Girl
  39. Indulgence
  40. I Swear
  41. Legacy
  42. Love Crime
  43. Love & Marriage
  44. Negative Influence
  45. Not Yours!
  46. The One I Trust
  47. Sisters On Fire
  48. Royalty Apart
  49. Never Let Go
  50. End of Do or Die Affair
  51. Darkness of Sorrows
  52. Final Sorrow
  53. Behind The Melody
  54. Memories of The Heart
  55. Royal Gift
  56. Dangerous
  57. Save The Last Dance
  58. Battle For Bride
  59. Caged Lovers
  60. In The Cupboard
  61. Hunted Love
  62. Anointed Queen
  63. A Dance For The Prince
  64. Bride’s War
  65. Tears In The Palace
  66. Slip of Fate
  67. At All Cost
  68. Mad Sex
  69. The Princess of My Life
  70. Inale (2010)
  71. I’ll Take My Chances (2011)
  72. Nkasi The Village Fighter
  73. Nkasi The Sprot Girl
  74. The Return of Nkasi
  75. Soul of a Maiden
  76. “Blood is Money”
  77. Citation

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