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Importance of Tourism To National Development

Importance of Tourism

Tourism is an integral part of society and the importance of tourism to national development and social cohesion cannot be under emphasized in any way since it has become a part of our everyday living.

The concept of toursim basically has to do with appreciating nature and historical moments by taking time off one’s schedule to explore these natural reserves, man-made resources and historical places and artifacts and in the process learn about history and events that happened before we were born or those that happened after us but not in our immediate environments.

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One may go on an on and on with questions about how relevant it is to spend our little earnings just to travel and see place, stay in guest receiving apartments and then return home. Well, this is why we bring you this article for your study with hopes that it changes your perception.

Importance of Tourism

First of all, tourism brings forth national cohesion: Tribal and ethnic conflics happen in almost every country or soverign state. Managing such situations can be difficult sometimes hence the need to engage in inter-ethnic activities tat makes one see the importancre of the other groups.

Tourism is one tool that get these conflict resolutions done in the easiest way. Allowing other people to withness the rich cultural heritage of your tribe means tolerating them which goes a long way to mean not fighting with them.

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In another view, tourism contributes to human resource development: Do you realize that there are tour guides that direct you on what to do while you’re on tour? Do you also realize that there tour guides who bring these visitors from their locations to these sites?

All these people are trained the history of wherever they work at because most of them were not around at the time of the development of these place. Educating these people contributes to their development  which in the long run increases the development of the country’s human resource base.

Thirdly, tourism generates foreign exchange: Education never ends and everyone has something that another person needs, same applies to countries. There may be something in Ghana that the people of America would love to see but don’t have with them. Just as Israel, where we are made to believe that Jesus Christ ascended heaven, a number of countries transport their students to learn first hand from them.

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These activities whne happening, there is that deplomatic connection between the countries involved, enabling them to bargain on what they want in return hence foreign exchange generation.

Also, tourism influences international investment: Every investor wants a country that boosts their revenue to invest in. A country rich in tourism is basically peaceful, tolerant and above all has the intrusion of foreigners.

Foreigners who are investing in a country want to see how that country appreciates other foreigners and that influences the use of the currencies of these countries simultanuously, gives a strong currency appreciation and reduces risk of investment.

Finally, tourism generates revenue for the economy: Money is used in running every economy so one importance of tourism is the value of the monies paid by visitors to view these sites and the monies paid for accommodation and transport while in the country.

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