A young lady has taken a centre stage on social media for offering herself for bamba in exchange for an iPhone because her phone has been stolen and she desperately needs a new phone.

The offer made by this young lady only goes to explain that she cannot afford a new phone and she is using herself as collateral to acquire it. Well, are there men who will actually pay that price?

Looking at the words coming out in her post, the audacity with which she spewed the words out has shown that people do not even shy off in recent times when it comes to s3x.

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The lady who is identified as Badgal Dara, who you can find as @daratush on Twitter said she recently lost her phone to thieves, and to replace it without delay, she wants someone to pound her in the bedroom in a form of modern-day barter trade.

Dara further warned those who cannot afford to honour the deal not to judge her because she’s not a hypocrite- as it were.

Here’s her post:

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