Actress Kisa Gbekle has disclosed that she had to lie to her mother before embarking on her body enhancement surgery in Turkey some time ago since she might not like the idea.

You may not understand why certain things happen but you just have to live with them as they happen and that is exactly what Kisa Gbekle is displaying.

Everyone who knew Kisa Gbekle before she went for her body enhancement surgery will agree that she looked beautiful all around so the need for the surgery is what she is trying to explain.

According to the actress, she lied to her mother that she was only going to work on her tummy since she didn’t the way it had become at the time. Her mother had undergone a C-session before, understood her thereby allowing her to go.

Kisa Gbekle explained that she made up her mind that she may or may not return from the surgery because that was how she grew up.

Here is Kisa Gbekle in an interview with Mz Gee:

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