The Nigerian gospel singer, evangelist, and prophetess, Patience Akpabio, has expressed her view on how women produce inactive children.

With Patience Akpabio’s influential position in society, she has spoken on many trivial issues of human nature including 12 types of orgasms she claims to exist.

In her new outburst, she discloses that the reason why children are inactive to the extent of not being able to fight for their rights in society is that their mothers were silent in bed.

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According to her, women being silent during sex is a great factor in the nature of their children. In most situations, women fear to express their joy during sḝx and it has led to them producing dumb kids who can’t even fight for their rights.

In her quest to solve this very problem, she advised women to MOAN out loud when their calabashes are being smashed. She went on to raise the “Say no to silent sḝx” campaign.

Here a screenshot of her post:

Silent Sex Produces Silent Children By Patience Akpabio

Story By: Mabel Esinam Honu

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