How To Use GCB Mobile Banking

How to use GCB Mobile Banking services to transact business without necessarily going to the bank or using the ATM services of the bank.

GCB Bank former Ghana Commercial Bank Limited has been in operation since 1953 and has over the years contributed enormously to the development of the Ghanaian economy through its services rendered in diverse ways.

Today, instead of the traditional visit to the bank and joining long queues to transact financial activities, one can easily use an ATM machine at vantage points or better still use a more convenient avenue, the mobile banking option.

How To Use GCB Mobile Banking
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In this article, we summarize how you can conveniently use the bank’s mobile banking services in your everyday life.

How To Use GCB Mobile Banking

Before you can access the GCB Mobile Banking option of your phone, you have to be registered on the GCB SMS services since the same phone number is needed here.

Initially, only GCB account holders can use the bank’s mobile access codes but since the introduction of the G-Money option, anyone can register on the service.

For the avoidance of confusion, this article is for account holders only but might be useful to non-account holders.

1. Get activated for the SMS service

2. Dial *422#

How To Use GCB Mobile Banking

3. Select option 1 – GCB Mobile Banking

How To Use GCB Mobile Banking

Because you are a new user, follow the prompts to link your account to the service. After successfully linking your account to your mobile number, go back to the *422# option, reply with option 1 again and follow the prompts for any transaction you need.

The Mobile Banking transactions include; Bank to Wallet and Wallet to Bank Services

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