No matter who you are, whether a tech elite or a tech phobia, this article is directed to guide you step by step to withdraw money from any GBC ATM machine. So follow us keenly and find out how to use the GCB  ATM machine.

As a tourist, you own a Master or Visa Card from your native country which you intend to use here in Ghana but you feel the ATM and its interface might look different from what you are used to. No need to worry because your help is here, come along.

You may find, How To Use GCB Mobile Banking worthy of reading as you journey this path with us.

How To Use GCB ATM Machine

GCB’s ATMs are scattered across the country and vantage points so that you won’t be stranded on any day or at any time that you’re down on cash. This is one of the best services that any bank can offer to its customers and attract more customers from other competing banks.

The first thing you must know is how to turn the cards. ATM cards and to a large extent Mastercards and Visa Cards have one end of their surfaces with a metallic plate. For some of these cards, there is a directional arrow on the same surface as the plate telling you to insert in that way but for others, there isn’t. Just make sure that the metallic plate is facing upside/upward and you’re good to go.

The second step to observe is where to insert the card. For most of these machines, there are two blinking lights in front of them. You must know that the first of these lights at the top give space for receipts of transactions. The second space however which keeps blinking is where to insert your card. Once the card enters, the machine swallows it automatically.

Now that your card is inserted, what next? The machine would perform some checks on the card and when all is good, it gives you an interface to enter your 4-digit PIN. Just enter the PIN from the keyboard correctly and either press ENTER on the keyboard or leave the machine to detect it and move on. You must note that some of the machines are touch-screens and as such you might not find the keyboard useful, just touch the numbers from the screen. These GCB ATM machines are rather super fast.

Once your PIN is accepted, the interface to perform approved transactions by the bank opens up. For touch screens, you’ll perform all transactions from touching the screen, this is easier. But for other versions, transactions are performed by hitting corresponding buttons at the sides of the ATM screen. So whichever option you want, you just have to press the button corresponding to it, and it’s easy.

Once you’re done with your transaction successfully, the machine gives you an indication to pick your card and wait for your cash. Make sure you take out the card completely else your money won’t come out.

Now, you must take note of the following: When there are GHC20.00 currency notes in these machines, you can only withdraw GHC800.00 at a time.

When there are GHC50.00 notes, you can withdraw up to GHC2000.00 at a single operating time. and you cannot withdraw amounts that end with 40, 20, 30, 10, 60, 80,90.

If there is not enough money to transact the amount you’re in for, the machine debits your account but doesn’t give you money. Just relax, the account would be credited back.

Correction Insertion of Cards

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