The government of Ghana and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), the institution mandated for the collection of taxes have implemented the electronic transactions levy act (e-levy act 2022) which was approved by parliament and asserted by the president.

At the onset of the implementation, there have been concerns and complaints by a section of Ghanaians who claim to have been charged wrongly by the charging entities.

With this, GRA has released guidelines to help such people in such situations get a refund between May 1 to June 30, 2022, under what they refer to as the Modified Phased Approach.

These guidelines were stated clearly in a statement released and signed by the Commissioner-General of the GRA and addressed to the charging entities, i.e. the telcos and the banks.

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Steps to reverse e-levy wrongful charge/steps to get e-levy charge refund

  • The transferrer must provide proof of identity (Ghana card and other national identification documents including passport and driver’s license) to the charging entity that the receiving account is his/her own account.
  • The charging entity shall use their own internal processes to process the claim and dully make the refund or the reversal within the shorted possible time.

E-levy charges that a deemed as wrongful charges

  • Charges that are made on on-net transfers (transfers on the same network provider) between accounts owned by the same person where the identity of the person can be determined.

If you meet the criteria stated above, kindly follow the following steps:

  • Call/visit your service provider/the charging entity to lodge a complain
  • Respond to the entity by providing proof of identity
  • Wait for the reversal of the wrong charge.

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