How To Borrow Money From MTN MoMo

How to Borrow Money from MTN MoMo is well outlined and explained step-by-step in this article and we hope you find the assistance you need to get a loan for that urgent problem you need to tackle.

Have you been in dire need of financial assistance that you do not have the right friends to support at the time? Do you need just something little quickly to settle a small problem you encounter unprepared for? Well if you are a user of the MTN network, your help is in this article and I hope you take your time to get the steps.

How to borrow money on MTN MoMo
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How To Borrow Money On MTN MoMo

If you have already registered for loan services then you are in luck to quickly start off from where you stopped. However, if you have not yet registered for a loan, follow these quick steps before we start with how to acquire the loan.

1. Dial *170#
2. Reply with option 5 – Finacial Services
3. Reply with option 3 – Loans
4. Reply with option 1 – Register

Follow the prompts from the 4th step to get your loan account set up to receive loans from MTN and its third-party service providers.

After your account is ready, it is time for you to apply for that loan that you’ve been in need of. Follow the steps below:

1. Dial *170#

MTN MoMo Menu

2. Reply with option 5 – Financial Services

MTN MoMo Loan

3. Reply with option 3 – Loans

MTN MoMo Loan

4. Reply with any of the loan options you wish to apply for

  • XpressLoan
  • AhomkaLoan

5. Reply any of your choices with option 1 – Get a loan

MTN MoMo Loan

6. Reply and enter your MM PIN to confirm

How to borrow from MTN MoMo

After the last step, the available loan amounts to you would come up for you to make your loan amount choice.

Make that choice and voila, you are a rich person again to solve that problem of yours.

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