So how much is a flight from Accra to Kumasi? This question is what you need to be answered in order for you to go ahead with your booking in order to travel swiftly from Accra to Kumasi.

The prices of air tickets from Accra to Kumasi vary from airline to airline so we will take our time to digest what each airline has in stock for you so that you can go ahead and make your decision and then engage the selected airline for the process of booking to start.

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Currently, there are four airlines exploring the domestic routes in Ghana. These airlines include; Starbow Airline, Africa World Airlines, Passion Air, and Gian Air. Aside from these airlines, if you have the money you can actually engage the services of chartered helicopters for high-class travel services.

How Much Is Flight From Accra To Kumasi?

Let me take you through the domestic airlines and the prices for their tickets. I hope you find what you are looking for with me.

Name of Airline                    Starting Port                            Destination                    Price

Passion Air                                   Kotaka International Airport                   Kumasi (KMS)                GHC290, 350, 520

Starbow                                         Kotaka International Airport                   Kumasi (KMS)                GHC300, 520

Gian Air                                         Kotaka International Airport                    Kumasi (KMS)                GHC370, 570

African World Airline             Kotaka International Airport                    Kumasi (KMS)                GHC350, 519

The prices of the flight booking for one airline also vary because the tickets are sold on a case by cases basis. Some sold as VIPs, others Bronze, Gold, and Silver.

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