How much is bitcoin worth today? This is the first question that anyone who intends to acquire stocks in the crypto world asks. Just like owning shares in companies, one must know the worth of the cryptocurrency before making his/her way into it.

In this article, we are going to look closely at the day-to-day increase or decrease in the value of bitcoin in order to help you make an informed decision that you won’t live to regret. You must know however that, investing in cryptocurrency is a risk that you are willing to take that the outcomes are either profiting or debt-related.

How Much Is Bitcoin Worth Today

The value of bitcoin is entirely dependent on the financial exchange strength of a country’s currency against the United States Dollar. This statement is true because the crypto trading enterprise deals completely in the dollar and as such after the bitcoin is traded into the USD, the physical value either increases or decreases in the local market of the customer’s country.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the value of bitcoin has been fluctuating and the curve keeps rising. However, because most people are home and the use of physical currency is becoming more, a number of people are withdrawing their stocks from the cryptocurrency market hence so drops in the monitoring curves.

If you had invested earlier in bitcoin, you’d have become a millionnaire today. You don’t understand? ok here we go with the details.

The price of Bitcoin in 2010 was only $.08 and today,  at the time of writing this piece, it is trading around $58000 per coin.

Crazy, right?

This means that if you had invested a few dollars, say $100 at that time, you’d be sitting on what could be your generational wealth. that I mean an amount running to millions. that’s if you did nothing but stayed invested and did no trading at all.

I’m not much of a maths fan, but to be sure of the amount we are talking about here let’s quickly do the math

$100 /.08 = 1,250 Bitcoins

1,250 x $58,000 = 72,500,000

Mind-blowing, yeah? That’s right and you might be considering taking that bold step today either live to enjoy or make wealth for your family. Try investing in cryptocurrency today with Voyager.

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