For those of us who find ourselves at the Hogbetsotso Festival celebration of the Anlos of the Volta Region of Ghana, here are hotels in Keta we need to consider looking at for possible accommodation for our period of stay.

Keta is a home for many people. There are those who live here and natives who live in other parts of the country and then those who live abroad. There are also people from other ethnic origins and tribes in Ghana who have found Keta worthy of living in. Their assertion comes at the back of the rich cultural standing of the people of Anlo.

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Hotels In Keta

The hotels in Keta keep growing in number with their patronage also multiplying over the years due to the great services and customer care they provide.

These hotels and guest houses provide a rich view of the ocean, a collection of historical artifacts, live bands, and warm pools that you can resist on any given day and that’s why they are unbeatable in their service delivery.

Number one on the list is the Ocean View Hospitality Hotel. Ocean view hotel came in at a time that everyone wanted something different from what was already existing. The hotel gives visitors a clear view of the ocean and the breeze of the sea.

Keta Beach Hotel. This hotel is strategically placed in a serene environment of Keta-Dzelukope. The Hotel is situated between the Atlantic ocean and the famous Keta Lagoon. It is clearly sited adjacent to Keta Senior High School and with a very short distance from the Divisional police headquarters, visitors’ security is guaranteed always.

Keta Beach Hotel

Aborigines Beach Resort is one to also look at if not the best. The center which shares boundaries with the ocean has been the ground for hosting the music carnival of the hogbetsotso festival, EdemFest. Patrons are safe because the resort shares the same boundaries also with the Keta beach hotel and is not far from the police divisional headquarters of Keta Municipal Assembly.

Abor Regines Beach Resort

Eli Beach Resort is a destination you cannot resist being at. The luxurious hotel is the newest collection to be added to the list of hotels in Keta and it is worth paying for. It is stylishly put up and beautifully designed to attract customers. High-ranking events including Ghana’s Strongest and Ghana’s Most Beautiful are hosted by this center.

If your budget is economical, you should consider booking Honolulu Guest House. The site is located in Tegbi. A community that shares boundaries with Keta and it is a sight to behold. Combining luxury, comfort, and affordability.

So when you find yourself in Keta any day, please consider this list and come back to put a review here. For bookings and contacts, find them from the links highlighted.

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