Historical Places In Volta Region; A Comprehensive History Guide

By | October 15, 2021
Historical Places In Volta Region

Every generation of humanity lives on the happenings of the past in order to understand society and societal norms, to live harmoniously with others in various communities, and to be able to learn and pass on the same to generations that follow. It is with this that we bring you historical places in Volta Region.

Remember that we have in the past given you details of tourist sites in the Volta Region that are worth exploring any time you plan to travel into the region.

Volta Region, one of the sixteen regions in Ghana is in the southern part of the country with Ho as its capital town. The region is largely dominated by coastal plains and close to the ocean hence the indigenous occupations are farming and fishing.

For a traveler of your kind or for someone who is looking for that conviction to travel, here are some of the must-visit historical places in the Volta Region that you should try out.

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Historical Places In Volta Region

Finally, we are here, so let’s get straight to it…. Come along.

Fort Prinzenstein

Some of the gains the colonial world has received from their colonial masters are forts and castles. The whites in a bid to protect themselves from foreign invasions and attacks built forts along the coasts since the best and most used means of travel back in the day is by sea.

One of these forts is Fort Prinzenstein in Keta. The fort is one of the oldest European buildings yet in the world put up and used as a base for the storage of slaves waiting to be transported into the Caribbean and the Americas. It has since the departures of the colonial masters seen visits but both locals and foreigners.

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Lake Volta Estuary

One of the rarest things you can ever imagine seeing in the world is the meeting of two unlike and unrelated things. But here is a place where a river and the sea meet. You can imagine how the view is going to be like right? Well, your guess is very true. The sight is just one to behold and you might mistake it for boiling water just like it did.

The estuary is located in Ada and shares a boundary with the Volta Region. We all know the nature of the sea and how it operates in its abode. We also know how peaceful the river can be unless there is overflow. But the sight of seeing the river and sea meet is so beautiful and it is one of the things history would live for us to wonder about.

Historical Places In Volta Region; Mountain Afadjato

Wars have been the story of the past and how our forefathers captured lands and slaves. One of the natural assistance they have had is from mountains and mountain Afadjato in the Volta Region has helped in the same context.

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The mountain gives a clear view of the Akuapem range, Togo plains, and Togo itself. Back in the day went there are wars between the Voltarians and others, the Voltarians attack from the mountain’s view and that prevents their opponents from seeing them before their attack is launched.

You may want to see for yourself how it is that a mountain can become a form of fortification so try to plan a travel to the Volta Region.

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