Cacie Smith is the daughter of American rapper, singer, performer, songwriter, and music producer, Busta Rhymes, and his baby mama Rhonda Randall.

Cacie Smith was born on 2nd May 1999 in the United States of America. She grew up along with her half-siblings from both her father and mother’s side.

Being a fortunate celebrity kid, Cacie went to one of the very best High Schools in the States, and while in High School, she played in the School’s basketball team.

Has Busta Rhymes Spent Time With His Daughter Cacie Smith?

Many of us keep wondering if Busta Rhymes has spent time with her daughter, Cacie Smith at all since there are not many pictures out there with the father and daughter together.

Yes, Busta Rhymes has spent many beautiful moments with his beloved daughter and the father-daughter bond is just beautiful.

On Cacie’s birthdays, her father tries as much to make the moment special as he finds always finds time to spend the day with his daughter and to send her specially dedicated birthday wishes to her across social media.

On Cacie Smith’s 21st birthday, Busta Rhymes couldn’t just hide his proud feelings for how quickly his daughter had developed. He took to Instagram to send and very beautifully crafted birthday message to her.

This is exactly what Busta Rhymes wrote on Cacie’s 21st birthday:

“Happy Bday to my beautiful daughter, my young 21yr old Queen Cacie. I love you beyond description and may you live to experience 100 more years baby.

It’s very troubling to me that you have to celebrate your B-day in the middle of such troubling times but just know as we continue to work hard to strengthen each other and our family there is NOTHING that will be able to stop you and NOTHING will be able to stop us. I love you.”

He didn’t just end it there, he was able to spend the special day with her and this picture confirms just that wild moment.

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