Hajia Bintu as she is passionately called by her followers across the entertainment space in Ghana seems to have outshined her real name which she was given at birth by her parents.

Hajia Bintu was named at birth Naomi Asiamah. This name by all standards is a very pretty name that anyone will want to give his child looking at how endowed Hajia Bintu has become as well as how successful she’s become.

Hajia Bintu was born on 30th November 1997 in the Greater Region of Ghana. She is one of the youngest female social media influencers.

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Since gaining massive followership on TikTok and Instagram, Hajia Bintu has signed a number of ambassadorial deals with some of the big companies in Ghana.

What is the real name of Hajia Bintu?

Hajia Bintu’s real name is Naomi Asiamah. As much as her surname sounds like an Ashanti native name, Hajia Bintu was actually born in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

She has also praised her mother for being there for her and supporting her till this far in her life. Hajia Bintu shares photos of her mother and not her father.

Hajia Bintu

  • Real Name: Naomi Asiamah
  • Place of Birth: Greater Accra
  • Date of Birth: November 30, 1997

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