Francisca Lamini after being offered a chance to join the winning team of the 2021 National Science and Maths quiz contest, Prempeh College made an appeal to Ghanaians to support her friends from the Keta SHTS team to join the trip as she will not be happy without them while on the trip

For reasons she stated, Francisca disclosed that she has spent months with the other two boys of the team, James and Bright who supported her to become the most outstanding female contestant at the end of the contest and for that reason, she cannot have fun with members of another team who are total strangers.

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Just days ago, former minister of communications, Victoria Hamah raised eyebrows on the decision of Francisca to turn down the offer to travel if she will not go with her teammates saying, her decline of the offer is a dent in the fight for Female Affirmative Action which has taken centuries to see the daylight.

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Well, there is always light at the end of the tunnel as Francisca’s plea has yielded a positive result as a staff of the Graphic Communications Group, Della Russel, made an announcement of the team getting the support needed to sponsor the two boys on the trip cum January 2022.

Read the announcement:

Thanks to everyone who sent me the necessary contacts for both Ketasco and Primetime Productions, organizers of the annual National Science and Maths Quiz (NMSQ).
A rep of the Ketasco Team will accompany the students, Francisca, Bright, and Lutterodt to the company tomorrow to pick up the cheque to enable them to make payment for the two boys to be part of the January 2022 Dubai tour.
I think this is also a good opportunity for the Ketasco old students to seek the necessary support to get the school’s dilapidated Science laboratory in shape.”

This announcement came after a call was made on the public for the contact of the Keta SHTS team for a company that showed interest in helping out

Read here:

Any contact link to the handlers of the Ketasco NMSQ Team pls?
A company wants to sponsor the visa fees, hotel, airfare, and accommodation for the other two team members, Bright and Lutterodt so they can join Francisca on the trip.
Pls, treat this as urgent because the company wants to start the processes from tommorow.

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